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It’s time to turn the dreams of any home and outdoor living space into reality with the AZEK Building Products iPad App.  From inspired trim and moulding applications, deck and railing designs, porch colors, and paver layouts, the AZEK App puts the power of creativity in your hands. Mix and match products, designs, and colors. Create a home design that anyone would truly be proud to call their own.  And, then, step from the world of flat, 2-dimensional visualization into the future using visionary, 3D technology  to, literally, make the AZEK House come to life.

NEW FEATURE: Be sure to check out the new 3D Visualizer. Download and print the visualization marker below, and customize your decking style and railing in 3D.



Step 1: Download and Print the Visualization "Marker"

What is a "marker" and where can I get one? You came to the right place for that question. A Marker allows you to activate the 3D augmented reality AZEK home and 3D Visualizer. Each of our three catalogs are also markers for the AZEK Home - so grab one and start scanning! You can also download the markers below.

3D HOME MARKER                               3D VISUALIZER MARKER

                         3D Visualizer Marker


Step 2: Download the AZEK Building Products iPad App

The AZEK Building Products App is available on the Apple iTunes. You can download it here.

Step 3: Scan "Marker" and Bring AZEK Products to Life!

In the new 3D AZEK App, you can personalize the AZEK House and then turn, rotate, and zoom in to make sure it’s designed just the way you want it. With the home created, it will be easy to imagine those special family moments on the front porch, on the back deck, or even on the paver patio. And imagining it all is so much easier when you step into the 3D AZEK App. Finally, after you’ve personalized your dream design, you can save them, share them with your friends, and even invite friends to experience the 3D AZEK App.

But that's not all - now you can customize AZEK Deck and Rail in 3D with the 3D Visualizer. Lay down your deck planks and then build out your rail to see how it will all look together. Once complete, snap and photo and share it with firends.