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The AZEK Integrated Drip Edge is designed to assist with water management efforts around windows and doors. The two-piece drip edge, which includes a reversible trimboard that can be used as Traditional smooth or Frontier texture, is routed to accept a drip edge designed to help channel water away from the window or door surround.

For easy installation atop windows and doors, the drip edge has an integrated nailing flange to reduce labor and installation time and costs. Once the drip edge snaps into the trimboard, it cannot be removed.

AZEK Integrated Drip Edge is a two piece product comprised of a reversible trimboard and an integrated drip edge with nailing flange. The nailing flange eases installation and drip edge helps to help channel water.

AZEK Integrated Drip Edge is available in White only.

Use with AZEK Adhesive

AZEK Integrated Drip Edge Trimboard Size
(Reversible Trimboard - Frontier or Traditional)
5/4 x 4 1" x 3 1/2" 18'
5/4 x 6 1" x 5 1/2" 18'


Nailing flange length = 1 1/4"

Drip edge overhang = 1/8"