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Providing the perfect transition between the siding and trim, as well as assisting in water management, the two-piece AZEK Universal Skirt Board includes a reversible trimboard (Traditional/Frontier) that is routed to accept a proprietary universal siding interface.

Unlike other skirtboards, AZEK Universal Skirt Board will work equally well with a variety of siding products including fiber cement, vinyl, cedar shingles or wood.

The AZEK Universal Skirt Board reduces labor, saves installation time and costs, and replaces the need for starter strips. And, it is perfect for use where water tables are not needed or desired. Once interface snaps with trimboard, it cannot be removed.

AZEK Universal Skirt Board is a two part product consisting of a trimboard and a siding interface. The trimboard is reversible (Traditional/Frontier) and routed to accept the siding interface. The siding interface is composed of a nailing flange, drip edge, rigid pvc hook that accepts vinyl siding, and a flexible pvc flap to work with solid siding.

AZEK Universal Skirt Board is available in White only.

Use with AZEK Adhesive


Universal Skirt Board Trimboard Size

(Reversible Trimboard - Frontier or Traditional)

5/4 x 6 1" x 5 1/2" 18'
5/4 x 8 1" x 7 1/4" 18'
5/4 x 10 1" x 9 1/4" 18'


Nailing Flange Length = 1 1/2"

Drip Edge Overhang = 1/4"